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Every Marvel's Midnight Suns Character Ranked
13. Nico Minoru
Consistency and self-reliance are big advantages for heroes in "Marvel's Midnight Suns," and sadly, Nico Minoru is sorely lacking in both of these crucial categories. However, she can quickly snowball an encounter if she gets lucky draws and her randomized spell effects line up properly, but these unreliable aspects of her kit are often a liability.
12. Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel is a great damage dealer and tank, but she struggles due to her reliance on her skill Go Binary, which doubles her damage as long as she doesn’t get hit herself. So while she wants to dole out damage, she also has to avoid damage to make use of Go Binary, resulting in an awkward playstyle that requires building around her to get the most out of her abilities.
11. Blade
The damage dealers in “Marvel’s Midnight Suns” are greedy by nature, but Blade is the greediest of them all due to his lack of team-wide utility. His signature mechanic, Bleed, does great damage, but it's about the only thing he has going for him, which results in a linear playstyle that restricts deck building.
10. Captain America
Captain America is one of the best tanks in “Midnight Suns,” as he is able to generate the most block, taunt the most enemies, and withstand the most punishment. While this may sound good, defeating all the bad guys is usually the goal of missions — and when compared to all the other tanks in the game, Captain America has very little in the way of offensive capabilities.
9. Hulk
Players don’t obtain Hulk until almost the very end of the game, which means he doesn’t get to benefit from much deck customization unless he’s brought into New Game Plus. Despite this, Hulk is a powerhouse who serves a similar tank function as Captain Marvel — but his mechanic, Rage, powers him up when he takes damage, giving him lots of self-synergy.