Hikari in Octopath Traveler 2
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Every Octopath Traveler 2 Party Member Ranked
8. Agnea
Agnea is very upbeat and can bring some levity to the party, but her story lacks stakes and makes her feel flat even as the player gets to know her more. Her abilities also inspire very little excitement, as she is one of the weakest party members because of how her skills attempt to fulfill multiple functions.
7. Castti
Extremely kind and caring, Castti hopes to help everyone she can; however, her narrative struggles to reach a satisfying conclusion. Plus, her utility in battle is completely outclassed by Tenemos’ output, and although her information gathering can be useful, other party members have superior versions.
6. Partitio
Partitio’s narrative starts off strong but fails to find its footing once he leaves his home to travel throughout the world in search of business ventures to help his cause that have little context or impact on anything. He also struggles in combat, as his solid moves fail to live up to the skills of better party members.
5. Ochette
Ochette’s fun personality makes her entertaining to play with, and while her personal story isn't interesting, it does feature some visually impressive boss fights that help balance out its lackluster concepts. She can battle NPCs during the day but only with her captured beasts, which can leave the player unprepared.
4. Osvald
Osvlad’s story has a lot of great personal stakes and dramatic moments that come up throughout the game to keep it interesting for the entire playthrough. He also fulfills a unique role by serving as a dedicated wielder of magic that augments his abilities with technology and scientific study.