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Every Poke Ball Ranked Worst To First
27. Premier Ball
Premier Balls function the same way as Poké Balls and only provide a 1x catch modifier with no conditional bonuses or special effects. Commonly described as "a rare ball made in commemoration of some event," this lower-tier option is better left as a memory in the minds of trainers looking to build out their Pokémon collections.
26. Poké Ball
With its red top and white bottom, the original Poké Ball inspired all the other Pokémon catching and storing devices and is the most basic of all Poké Balls. However, it outranks the Premier Ball due to its sheer availability, as players can purchase Poké Balls in large quantities at any Poké Mart for only 200 Pokémon Dollars each.
25. Safari Ball
The Safari Zones within "Pokémon" titles offer players a unique Pokémon catching experience. Unfortunately, the strength of Safari Balls leaves their effectiveness wanting: A mere 1.5x catch rate modifier on Wild Pokémon within the zone means that catching rare Safari Pokémon, which can run away at any point, turns into a tough game of chance.
24. Sport Ball
Initially unveiled as the Park Ball, the Sport Ball can only be used in the Bug Catching Contest and suffers from both scarcity and a lack of effectiveness at its designated job. Its 1.5x catch rate modifier within the Bug Catching Contest and 1x catch modifier everywhere else in Generation 8+ games puts the Sport Ball right on par with the Safari Ball.
23. Park Ball
Of the event-specific balls, the Park Ball takes the cake in terms of uniqueness and utility. Its catch rate modifier, 255x, matches that of the legendary Master Ball, but comes with a major catch: Trainers can only use Park Balls on Pokémon transferred between Generation 3 and Generation 4 titles in Pal Park's Catching Show.