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Fans Sure Do Have a Lot to Say About That Resident Evil Official Teaser
A teaser for Netflix’s upcoming "Resident Evil" series reveals that it’s set in modern times, but there appears to be a time jump to 2036, where the world has been completely overrun by something horrific. It remains unclear if the story will be told chronologically or via flashbacks, but some fans have taken immediate issue with the premise.
Rudrachl on Reddit wrote, "they keep going for the end of the world zombie apocalypse trope, when in the games the zombie outbreaks are always contained to a specific location." Another user followed up by agreeing, stating that while the writing in "Resident Evil" isn't great, the fact that zombie outbreaks weren't the end of the world made it more interesting.
NotGarav wrote, "I'll be honest, it looks like an okay zombie flick. Their biggest mistake is calling it Resident Evil." It seems like Capcom properties get the most bizarre adaptations, with things like the "Monster Hunter" movie completely missing why people enjoy the games.
A few people seem to actually like the "Resident Evil" teaser trailer, with one Reddit user writing, "The aesthetics look pretty good, I'll give it that." While that seems like a low bar of a compliment, there aren't many people saying anything nice about the teaser, with many noting Netflix doesn’t have a great track record with adaptations.