YORK, UK - MAY 9, 2021. Rear view of teenage boy holding a Playstation 5 game controller and playing online video games with headphones and microphone
Fans Will Finally Get The PS5 Support They've Always Wanted
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The PlayStation 5 is widely considered an impressive feat of video game console engineering and design. While it may not boast the raw power of the Xbox Series X, the console still impresses audiences with some of its own advantages like its DualSense controller and a super-fast SSD.
Even with those bonus points in its favor, Sony announced it thinks it can improve its crown jewel and will be closed beta testing some new features with a small group of players. These include performance-enhancing 1440p resolution support, curated gamelists, and the ability to compare audio between 3D and stereo options.
Out of all the new features, 1440p has fans the most excited as it strikes a balance between graphics and performance. On top of that, Sony has stated that even if a game only supports 4K or gamers are already playing in 4K, the 1440p support could help with anti-aliasing by supersampling down to the lower resolution, which can help with clarity.