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Final Fantasy 16 Might Be Closer Than You Realized
In some good news for gamers, producer Naoki Yoshida recently gave an interview where he provided an update on the status of "Final Fantasy 16." According to a translation from VGC, Yoshida said, "Development of the latest title, ‘Final Fantasy 16,’ is in its final stages of development."
Yoshida didn’t clarify what exactly he meant by "final stages," but some comments he made in October may point to how long this phase of development is. Yoshida made a similar progress claim at TGS, noting that the main quest had been completed, and the team was working on improvements and adding side quests.
This doesn't mean that Yoshida is being intentionally misleading about where "Final Fantasy 16" is in development, just that making games is a complicated process. Even if the bulk of development is done, fans could still be waiting a while, depending on the size of the game and the amount of fixes needed.