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Final Fantasy is Now Star Wars Canon
A new "Star Wars" novel, "Brotherhood" by Mike Chen, contains an unexpected reference from an entirely different intellectual property: “Final Fantasy.” In an interesting turn of events, a fan favorite sport from "Final Fantasy" has essentially become a piece of "Star Wars" canon.
For those who haven't played "Final Fantasy 10," Blitzball is a high-octane underwater sport in which two teams of six must find a way to sneak a ball into the opposing team's goal. The minigame has become a true cult favorite among players, to the point where some fans have even expressed a desire for a standalone game.
Apparently, author Mike Chen liked it so much, he included a reference to it in "Star Wars: Brotherhood." "There's a reference to a sport called Blitzball played in a local lake," Chen said on Twitter. “As a former NHL writer, I freaking loved Blitzball and spent hours winning leagues."