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Forget Hogwarts Legacy. This Harry Potter Fan Game Is Horrifying
Although most of the news about the Wizarding World in gaming is focused on “Hogwarts Legacy,” there's a name-your-own-price indie game offering a hilariously horrifying experience that's strikingly different from the popular title. “Escape PS1 Hagrid” is a first-person, three-chapter game that includes survival-horror, platforming, fighting, and a boss fight.
The game takes inspiration from the “Harry Potter” universe, evidenced by Dobby, Hagrid, and Dumbledore's recognizable designs, but it also distorts the content until it's nearly unrecognizable. In the game, a canon version of Dobby threatens Harry to find seven syringes, and Snape dances; plus, the platforming is reminiscent of the final boss fight in the original “Spyro.”
Since “Escape PS1 Hagrid” was first released, the developer has released “Escape PS2 Hagrid” and “Escape PS3 Hagrid” on itch.io. “Escape PS1 Hagrid” also received an update with difficulty options, bug fixes, and other improvements. The original game boasts many positive comments and a ⅘ star rating, showing the clear appeal of a quirky take on the Wizarding World.