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Game Characters You'd Never Want To Date In Real Life
Kratos has an incredible amount of baggage for potential partners to deal with, including the slaughter of his first family, and only really knows how to deal with his feelings by killing things. As seen in 2018's “God of War,” Kratos still has trouble functioning well after starting a new family, due to his wife dying and his inability to connect with his son Atreus.
Nathan Drake
On the surface, Nathan Drake seems like a fantastic catch — he's attractive, funny, brilliant, and could take partners to countless breathtaking locations. However, the “Uncharted” series also sees him killing hundreds of people, and the fact that the sheer quantity of individuals he dispatches doesn't seem to have any emotional impact on him makes the situation even worse.
Princess Peach
Princess Peach is royalty, very pretty, and has never killed her entire family or committed a war crime, which would make her a great partner. However, two big potential issues while dating Princess Peach would be having to journey across the Mushroom Kingdom to save her whenever she gets kidnapped by Bowser and competing with Mario for her affections.
Geralt of Rivia
Throughout “The Witcher” books, video games, and Netflix show, countless characters swoon over Geralt due to his good looks and suave personality. However, players familiar with “The Witcher” will know that a key aspect of Geralt's personality is his emotional immaturity, as he often lashes out when his bottled-up emotions get too much to handle.
In “Final Fantasy,” Sephiroth is tall, confident, domineering, and a celebrated warrior, thanks to his efforts as part of Shinra's SOLDIER program. Unfortunately, after discovering that he was genetically engineered in “Final Fantasy 7,” Sephiroth becomes convinced that it is his purpose in life to destroy the world and turns cold and calculating in demeanor.