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Game Details You Never Realized Were So Dark
A widely held belief during the Cold War was that you could gauge if you were a safe distance from a nuclear bomb’s radiation by using your thumb and closing one eye to measure the mushroom cloud. The “Fallout” franchise’s iconic mascot, Vault Boy, is famous for his thumbs-up gesture, but he is actually doing this.
Portal 2
In “Portal 2,” it’s revealed that GLaDOS flooded the Enrichment Center with a deadly neurotoxin, killing many scientists. When Wheatley leads you through the “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day” science fair, he says that it “did not end well” — players can piece together the story and learn that GLaDOS used the neurotoxin on that same day
BioShock 2
Through some audio logs in “BioShock 2,” players will learn about Mark Meltzer, a father searching for his daughter Cindy, with the logs revealing that she was kidnapped from the beach and brought to Rapture as part of the Little Sister program. Meltzer followed the clues to Rapture, but it was too late; forced to remain, he chose to become her Big Daddy guardian.
Slime Rancher
The adorable ranching sim “Slime Rancher” has more going on than many players realize as their character slowly but surely turns into a heartless profiteer. It isn’t too long before players shove as many slimes into a pen as they need to meet their bottom line or incinerate innocent slimes as soon as they stop being useful.
Stardew Valley
Players may have noticed that when each new year starts in “Stardew Valley,” all of the town festivities seem to reset, and each villager will repeat their lines of dialogue from the year before, as if Pelican Town is stuck in a time loop. Being trapped in time could explain why many of the town’s residents are emotionally damaged.