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South Park Games
If you know anything about “South Park,” then you already know that it has a reputation for crude humor that many wouldn’t approve of. Their video games are no different, with playable characters harnessing the power of farts and combatting enemies that range from pedophilic priests to giant mutant fetuses.
My Name Is Mayo
“My Name is Mayo” is an absurdly simple game where you have one objective: click to open the mayo jar that is dressed in various outfits. Your parents won’t be offended if they see you playing this one, but they will likely wonder if you need something to do.
Duke Nukem Forever
“Duke Nukem” is a franchise that has never exactly been “family friendly,” and the latest installment doubles down on the same formula of “‘Doom’ plus fart jokes and hot girls.” Even the starting sequence is something to avoid, as you get to see Duke peeing.
This game’s cover art alone is risque, as it features a woman taking her top off and a man’s face between her breasts, and the game itself is about a man who is set to marry a well-to-do woman named Katherine but is tempted by a wild character named Catherine. However, Catherine with a C turns out to be a succubus who condemns you to an underworld tower where only faithful men will survive.
This VR game features a blue man with a dadbod gut and a large butt who encounters a red guy. The blue guy then proceeds to cheer up the red one with a series of butt dances, and then they both fart confetti and hug. Good luck getting your family to play another game with you after this one.