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God of War Ragnarok Leak Has the Team Apologizing and Beyond Furious
“God of War Ragnarok” was leaked ahead of its November 9, 2022 release, much to the dismay of fans who accidentally stumbled upon scenes from one of the game’s most epic battles. The developer, Santa Monica Studio, has now spoken out about the leak, begging players to keep the details of the game to themselves until others have had the chance to enjoy it.
Cory Balrog, director of the previous “God of War,” took to Twitter to explain that a retailer began selling the game almost two weeks before its release date, leading to early purchasers putting game footage online. "Sorry to everyone that you have to dodge the spoilers if you want to play the game fresh. completely f***ing stupid you have to do this,” Barlog tweeted.
Santa Monica Studio also made a statement to fans, advising them to try to avoid spoilers. "We are doing our best to limit the exposure of unsanctioned footage and screenshots. But the reality is that we cannot catch everything. … we strongly advise that you mute any keywords or hashtags associated with the game until release day," the statement said.