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God Of War Ragnarok's Original Beginning Would Have Changed The Game Entirely
“God of War Ragnarok” is a masterclass in storytelling within the “God of War” series' main arc and the gaming industry at large. The critically acclaimed title boasts a fantastic story that follows Kratos and his son Atreus as they experience Ragnarok, Norse mythology's Apocalypse equivalent. However, this modern classic story might’ve been entirely different.
“Ragnarok” was initially written to have Kratos die near the start of the game. Narrative director Matt Sophos revealed in an interview with MinnMax's Ben Hanson, “There was the earliest, earliest draft of an outline that we had come up with ... Kratos died in the Thor fight at the very beginning of the game.” It was also planned for Atreus to eventually revive Kratos from Hell.
Ultimately, this idea was shot down. Sophos added, “[Director Eric Williams] was like, 'I don't want to do that, Kratos has died and come back from it too many times, and it'll feel a little bit too 'oh, you said he was gonna die and oh, you just killed him but he came right back.'” While it's not the fate players saw in-game, it’s an interesting tidbit of “God of War Ragnarok” trivia.