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Hogwarts Legacy: Best Spell Loadouts For Early And Late Game
The variety of spells serves as one of the best parts of “Hogwarts Legacy,” but learning and keeping track of all these spells can feel overwhelming for new players. It's not always clear which are the most useful in a given situation, and since a player is limited to only four active spell slots at a time, they'll have to be selective about their loadouts throughout their adventure.
It's best to have a loadout with Lumos, Disillusionment, Reparo, and Accio to solve puzzles and explore for secrets. Lumos provides extra light in dark places and is also required for finishing numerous puzzles. Reparo and Disillusionment are, likewise, required for solving puzzles and navigating the setting, and Accio helps players collect the flying pages throughout the world.
In the Room of Requirement, players will want a loadout with Altering, Conjuring, Evanesco, and Wingardium Leviosa. The first three are the Transfiguration spells that are used for creating, disappearing, and transforming objects in the Room of Requirement, and the final spell is another good exploration spell, so it helps to put it in one of the four available loadouts.
When catching and caring for magical beasts, players will want a loadout of Nab-sack, Beast Feed, Beast Petting Brush, and Levioso. The first three are related to magical beasts, while casting Levioso on a beast makes it easier to catch. For combat, red shields require a damage spell, yellow shields a control spell, and blue shields a force spell, so players should have one of each.
Early on, the damage spell Incendio is useful as fire is needed to defeat Inferi, and for a force spell, Accio is available early and will pull enemies in close. Finally, Levioso is the first control spell unlocked and pairs well with Accio, as both will disable an enemy and keep them up in the air, and players can add in whichever extra combat spell they've unlocked that they prefer.