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Hogwarts Legacy Guide: How To Beat Ranrok's Final Boss Fight
After finishing 39 main quests in “Hogwarts Legacy,” players unlock The Final Repository — the main quest of the game's ending that requires beating Goblin Rebellion leader Ranrok.
There are a few key specifics gamers need to know going into Ranrok's final boss fight, which is split into four stages that get progressively more demanding.
For the first three stages, Ranrok is airborne and breathes fire on his contender. Protego is an option for some fireballs, but since some are unblockable, dodging is more viable.
Smooth dodging is crucial for Ranrok’s powerful area attack in stage two and lunge attack in stage four. Ranrok's dragon attacks are quick, so pick paths to incur the least damage.
To attack Ranrok, hit shield orbs of a certain color with a spell of the corresponding color. After getting Ranrok's health down in stage four, hit three more orbs to defeat him.
Potions are a must, as well as unlocking a lot of the talent tree. Focus potions reduce spell cooldown, Maxima potions increase damage, and Edurus potions provide a strong defense.