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Hogwarts Legacy PS5 Or Series X: Which Has Better Performance?
Both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 editions of “Hogwarts Legacy” boast several advanced graphical options such as five different graphical modes: Performance, Fidelity, Quality, Balanced, and Fidelity with Ray-Tracing. However, when it comes to which system runs the game the best, it depends on what gamers want out of the experience.
In a video published on YouTube, ElAnalistaDeBits examines the performance of “Hogwarts Legacy” on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 by comparing load times, draw distance, shadows, textures, and other graphical aspects. Overall, the video establishes little divergence between the two main next-gen systems, but there are still slight differences.
The PlayStation 5 seems to be a bit faster when it comes to short-loading scenes, as well as performing better with ray tracing enabled. When in Quality or Performance Mode with the frame rate unlocked, the Series X boasts a higher average frame rate, with the console only dipping lower than the PS5 when ray tracing is enabled.