Zenobia Noke in Hogwarts Legacy
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Hogwarts Legacy’s Most Annoying Quests
Merlin Trials
“The Merlin Trials” are fun at first but then become repetitive and boring, as these trials are scattered all over the map, likely in an attempt to let players stumble across them as they go about traveling and doing other quests. There are 95 Merlin trials and the sheer volume of puzzles is grating.
Prisoner of Love
During “Prisoner of Love,” there's a lot of walking from point A to point B, some conversation, more walking, more conversation, and then more walking. While the plot makes the quest worthwhile, the gameplay is lackluster. Mostly, it's just a sad tale of lost love and wrongly accused murder that descends into madness and despair.
San Bakar's Trial
The bulk of “San Bakar's Trial” side quest is what boils down to a fetch quest with a sprinkle of combat thrown in for some spice. Some may enjoy riding the giant flaming beast that is Graphorn, but it quickly loses its novelty as there's little time left to enjoy riding it, and flying by broom or fast travel is more expeditious.
Man behind Moons
Hunting down those pesky glowing moons in “Man Behind the Moons” is beyond tedious to accomplish, as so many of them are locked behind the different levels of Alohomora that the student unlocks as they go. The mechanics are also frustrating, and the characters the player encounters are annoying and criminal.