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How Atomic Heart Is In Danger Of Becoming The Next Hogwarts Legacy
“Atomic Heart” is a highly anticipated PS5 release, but it's in danger of becoming just as controversial as “Hogwarts Legacy.” It's difficult for some to separate art from the artist and many gamers have argued that purchasing “Hogwarts Legacy” is an endorsement of J.K. Rowling's controversial beliefs. “Atomic Heart” may be negatively impacted in similar fashion.
YouTuber Harenko revealed that many of the biggest names working on “Atomic Heart” have questionable ties to the Russian government and pro-Russian companies. “Atomic Heart” has garnered controversy stemming from the title's mysterious origins, and its studio, Mundfish, suspiciously refuses to comment on troubling world events like Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
“Atomic Heart” takes place in an alternate history of Russia, and its setting is full of USSR-style fashion and flair, but Mundfish claimed that it wasn't making any political statement in the game. Yet, promotional events to advertise “Atomic Heart” have capitalized on the style of USSR-era grandeur, bringing a political style to a game that the developers claim isn’t political.
Even if gamers haven't proven Mundfish's alleged connections to the Russian state, the company's unwillingness to engage with fans who request more information about its views seems suspicious. The controversy surrounding “Atomic Heart” may differ from the challenges “Hogwarts Legacy” faces, but the ties between the real world and the games may doom both.