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How Kindergarten Cop Inspired A Major Aspect Of Silent Hill
“Silent Hill” has many pop culture horror references, such as Bachman Road, which may be a nod to Stephen King's pen name, Richard Bachman. However, the fact that Midwich Elementary School is weirdly similar to Astoria Elementary School, where “Kindergarten Cop” was filmed, doesn’t seem to make much sense.
The connection between the two elementary schools hasn’t been confirmed, though, as "Silent Hill" artist Masahiro Ito was cryptic when asked about the similarities. Eagle-eyed players, however, have made fairly convincing visual comparisons and have wondered why Astoria Elementary may have been used for inspiration.
The conceptual camp thinks it’s a creepy subversive tactic to spook audiences by letting them walk around the set of a movie from their childhood. On the other hand, pragmatists believe the designers, looking to find a U.S. school to base Midwich on, landed on the popular location of Astoria Elementary, which was also used in “The Goonies.”