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How Street Fighter 6 Will Change the Series
After the disappointment of the series’ last installment, many longtime fans have been hoping that “Street Fighter 6” will revive the franchise and include more content upon release. Not only does it look as if their wishes will be granted, but “SF6” will also include new game modes players didn’t even realize they wanted.
During PlayStation's State of Play livestream on June 2, 2022, Capcom surprised fans with a new trailer for "SF6," which showed off an exciting new gameplay mode called World Tour. This is a new single-player experience, allowing players to create their own avatar and roam the streets of the game's fictional city in a "Yakuza"-esque overworld.
Many fans online are excited about an adventure mode, especially since it indicates that the new game will have a healthy amount of content at release, and some are shaken by the very idea that they'll be able to design their own fighter. Other new elements include real-time commentary via spectating modes and a new power meter called Drive Gauge.