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How The Ghost Perk Works In Warzone 2.0
The Ghost perk in “Warzone 2.0” is a fan favorite, as it’s often listed as one of the best in the game. As the name implies, it gives an operator a degree of stealth capability, letting them remain hidden from opponents and allowing for great ambushes. Although the Ghost perk can be a source of confusion for some players, it has great benefits, along with some caveats.
Players with the Ghost perk active will be invisible to UAVs, heartbeat sensors, and portable radar, and they won't show up on an enemy's minimap when any of these things are active, allowing for continued stealth. This is helpful for operators who prefer to ambush foes. Having Ghost active also means never having to worry about being discovered through the minimap.
Although this perk has its benefits, it doesn't prevent an enemy from tagging a player — an operator can still be spotted by an opponent and revealed to the rest of their team — or render a player silent, as footsteps and gunshots will still be audible to enemies. Also, as an ultimate perk, it takes eight minutes for Ghost to activate, and until then, UAVs will reveal a player.