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How This Lost Risqué Sega Game Was Finally Found
In "The Sacred Pools," players utilized 3D computer graphics alongside filmed scenes to explore the island of Amazonia — suggestive of an erotic thriller, part of the game focused on dancing with the island’s women. Although the game was met with a lot of criticism and Sega subsequently suppressed it, copies were preserved and finally released to Gaming Alexandria.
CDs of “The Sacred Pools” were floating around because they'd been a gift for one of the game's producers as SegaSoft was shutting down. Former SegaSoft employees gave the CDs to Gaming Alexandria, which was then able to create downloadable ROMs of the games for public interest or for any gaming history collectors to archive.
Gaming history buffs were excited to see that “The Sacred Pools” still exists. Many explained that the game's rating would have made it difficult to release for consoles back when it was developed, but it would be much easier today. It's surprising that the game still existed and was lost for so many years, but it's a win for those looking to preserve the history of video games.