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How To Play Hogwarts Legacy Without Purchasing The Actual Game
A group of modders has managed to make an impressive facsimile of “Hogwarts Legacy” with a PC mod that brings the Wizarding World to “Elden Ring.” Not only does this further prove the versatility of FromSoftware's open world masterpiece, but it also offers gamers a chance to enjoy Hogwarts-adjacent action without purchasing the actual game.
The mod is called “Harry Potter and the Elden Ring,” and it has been developed by the modding group Garden of Eyes. Players won't be attending any fancy schools in “Elden Ring,” but the mod gives the player character some snazzy wizard robes and allows for the use of spells from the books and films, including helpful charms like Accio and deadly curses like Avada Kedavra.
The best aspect of the mod is swapping out the hero's loyal steed for a broomstick and flying. Garden of Eyes has begun discussing on its Patreon page what they'd like to add to “Harry Potter and the Elden Ring,” and depending on how fans respond to the mod, they’re prepared to implement new spells and a fully functioning Quidditch game in future updates.