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Ward Just Confirmed What We All Suspected About The Next Call Of Duty
Fans of the wildly popular first-person shooter series “Call of Duty” have likely already figured out what the next entry will be about. Now, Infinity Ward has confirmed what many had already suspected in regards to the upcoming title set to release later this year.
On April 28, Infinity Ward tweeted out an image showing the "Modern Warfare" logo, modified so that the right part of the "M" and left part of the "W" resembled a "II." Infinity Ward also shared the hashtag #ModernWarfare2, confirming that a sequel to 2019's "Modern Warfare" will be the next entry.
Despite the big reveal, a release date for the game hasn’t been disclosed yet. Of course, such a blockbuster announcement reverberated throughout the franchise's fanbase, as many took to social media to express their excitement.
"Sequels of sequels are so hot," iconic YouTuber Jacksepticeye said in response to the announcement. Even big brands like Wingstop got in on the fun, with the restaurant chain tweeting that the original "Modern Warfare 2" was the "best COD of all-time."