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It's No Secret Why Battlefield 2042's Player Count Dropped 80% After Its First 30 Days
The “Battlefield” series has had a serious downturn in popularity, as critics and fans alike panned “Battlefield 2042.” The game went from 100,000 concurrent players to around 20,000 in just a month, largely due to an abundance of glitches, unsatisfying gameplay, and broken multiplayer, which the game relies on entirely because it has no single-player campaign.
Some of the game’s glitches related to the map, like when players found themselves falling through the floor or walking through objects. Others related to the gunplay and the issues the game has with registering that players have been hit at all. Players also encountered disconnects, stuttering, and other issues that made its multiplayer a frustrating experience.
Players who got through its gauntlet of glitches to get connected at all were greeted with the most justifiable reason for a refund: “Battlefield 2042” gunplay lacked the same feel as other games in the series, or even modern FPS games. After losing so many players so quickly after its launch, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the game didn't meet the company's expectations.