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It's No Secret Why The Division's Playerbase Plummeted After Three Months
At the time of the launch of “The Division,” 2.1 million players were logging on daily on Steam. However, three months later it plummeted to 143,000, which was a staggering drop off of 93%. Numerous former players of the game have since taken to social media to air out their grievances, and these players made it clear why “The Division” completely lost their interest.
Players credit a lack of in-game content as the reason they quit playing. Reddit user bubuopapa summarized in a thread, “[T]his game failed because it had very little playable content, most of the action is happening in game development, [sic] the game itself is super boring. Having 'super humans' as enemies that take hundreds of bullets to kill is not fun and [is] boring.”
In addition to the gameplay being repetitive, enemies are a trial to beat, and they don't even drop good loot to upgrade a player's gear when they're beaten, which can make the game feel unrewarding at best. When games promise to be open-world MMOs, a detailed world with an abundance of side-mission content is essential, and “The Division” failed to meet that promise.