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It's Time To Talk About The Fei Long Street Fighter Controversy
Daniel Lindholm, a composer who worked on "Street Fighter 5," did a YouTube Q&A on May 7 that has since been taken down. In this segment, Lindholm discussed the probability of Fei Long returning to the franchise, following his absence in "Street Fighter 5."
Fei Long, a fan favorite character first introduced in "Super Street Fighter 2" back in 1993, is largely based on martial arts legend Bruce Lee. During the session, Lindholm shared an opinion indicating that Fei Long likely wouldn't make a comeback, due to rumors he had heard about Bruce Lee's family.
During the stream, Lindholm reportedly said, "I have sources, not only Capcom, friends of mine in the US who are very close friends with the Lee family. They basically said any kind of resemblance to (Lee) is omitted (sic) for comedic effect, it needs to be honorable. And so, that's why we won't see Fei Long again, ever." Many took Lindholm's conjecture as gospel.
Sadly, fans allegedly plagued both Capcom and the Lee family with questions and hate, and Capcom may not have been pleased with Lindholm presumably speaking on its behalf. However, Lindholm insisted that wasn't the case and apologized to the Lee family and developers at Capcom for any trouble that may have arisen from the situation.