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Joy-Con Drift Was Worse Than You Realized
Joy-Con drift, a widespread problem where the analog stick registers movement without the user actually touching it, still plagues the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, Joy-Cons are the standard controllers that come with Nintendo's handheld hybrid console.
Kotaku's Sisi Jiang spoke with an alleged former supervisor from the Nintendo Switch department, which handled defective Joy-Cons. Anyone who submitted a Joy-Con repair request from east of the Mississippi River likely sent their Joy-Cons to United Radio.
At the height of the issue, United Radio received hundreds of Joy-Con drift repair requests a day. They said of the issue, "We ended up having to set up an entire new workspace just for Joy-Con repair."
Joy-Con drift has been a problem since the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 and is still a prevalent issue with the newer model of the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch OLED, as they use the same Joy-Cons as the original. Anyone who experiences drift can try reporting it to have their controllers fixed.