LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES - DECEMBER 01:  Game designer Hideo Kojima attends the Game Awards 2016 at Microsoft Theater in Los Angles, California, USA on December 01, 2016. (Photo by Mintaha Neslihan Eroglu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
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Kojima Says His Next Project Could Change Video Games Forever
Hideo Kojima, auteur of “Death Stranding” and “Metal Gear Solid,” is working on a follow-up to the former game, as well as on a secret mystery project. His ambitions are as high as ever, and Kojima said this new project is "almost like a new medium" and predicted that "if this succeeds, it will turn things around — not just in the game industry, but in the movie industry as well."
In an interview with The Guardian, Kojima took the time to discuss the future of the rapidly evolving gaming industry and explained that, thanks to improving technology, he can finally make the game he's been thinking about for years. Being on the cutting edge, he acknowledged that this project is a risk that may not end up succeeding in terms of sales.
Despite his concerns, Kojima made it clear that he's still committed to pushing forward for the sake of the industry and his own curiosity. While those that come after and build on what this game introduces may see more commercial success, Kojima still wants to be the one to pioneer innovation, saying, "For the first person, everything is hard. But I want to be the first."