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Ludwig Just Got Honest About His Addiction
By Mary Osborne
Almost out of nowhere, Ludwig burst onto the streaming scene in 2021 with a lengthy sub-a-thon, and he has become known for his creative streams and honesty about the process of content creation and marketing. Although Ludwig has shared his surprising feelings that he's tired of the gambling meta and doesn't get any joy from it, he has also shared that he is addicted to gambling.
Ludwig explained in a conversation with the streamer Slime that he had an issue with gambling and told a story of how he spent the last of the little money he had on a “Mario Party” bet. Pivoting from the story, Ludwig expounded on certain large streamers’ return to gambling streams and ways this trend could be stopped in its tracks.
Ludwig explains that it should be the platform’s responsibility to not allow that type of content on their sites, and the responsibility doesn’t fall onto the streamer who is paid exorbitant amounts of money to be sponsored. Ludwig thinks it would be best for the platform to extend its rules so that sponsored streams from those gambling companies are not allowed.