YORK, UK - MAY 9, 2021. Rear view of teenage boy holding a Playstation 5 game controller and playing online video games with headphones and microphone
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By Cade Davie
Earlier this year, PlayStation finally confirmed what we all suspected and announced its plans to bolster its PS Plus subscription service by providing three different tiers to choose from — PS Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra, and PS Plus Premium. PS Plus Essential will act exactly as PS Plus has in the past, and at the same price, while the others will come with more extras.
Players were initially excited for the roll out of the subscription expansion, but Sony’s decision to block subscription stacking confused and upset many of the players — especially in Asia, where the PS Plus tiers had already gone live. Asian players have had to pay extra money to upgrade, and if they choose to upgrade, they have to buy a whole subscription, instead of just a monthly one.
While it has been pointed out that this may not be the way that Sony chooses to run the new service in North and South America, it’s clear that Asian players got the short end of the stick. No one wants to choose between forking up a large amount of money or waiting for their subscription to expire.