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NickMercs Blasts ‘Idiots’ Making Call of Duty
Popular streamer NickMercs has never been shy about sharing his strong opinions, and now has voiced his concerns for the future of the “Call of Duty” franchise. During a recent broadcast, where he and other streamers, including TimTheTatman, watched new gameplay footage of “Modern Warfare 2,” NickMercs couldn’t hide his disappointment about the remake.
NickMercs argued that there are no quality new games available to streamers and even went after the developers of “Call of Duty” for not producing a great game since “Black Ops 3.” "What are these idiots doing, man?" NickMercs asked rhetorically. It was a one-off comment, and the conversation quickly moved on to other "Call of Duty" games, but the damage was done.
Although his comments might not have been intended maliciously, NickMercs’ point still hit: According to him, "Call of Duty" has been chasing its heyday for some time. Both TimTheTatman and Cloakzy, who were on the call with NickMercs, generally agreed with his sentiments, and all the streamers longed for what they considered the series' golden days.
NickMercs and his friends aren't the only people worried about "Modern Warfare 2" and the future of the "Call of Duty" franchise, as many gamers are concerned, for instance, about the remake’s steep price tag. With all the uncertainty surrounding "Modern Warfare 2," it's easy to see how NickMercs might feel upset about the future of a franchise he loves so deeply.