A Nintendo Switch Lite handheld video game console, taken on October 1, 2019. (Photo by Neil Godwin/Future Publishing via Getty Images)
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Nintendo Switch Accessories You Should Never Buy
Sports Accessories
The Talk Works Tennis Racket, the EJGAME Golf Clubs, and the Talk Works Steering Wheel are plastic attachments that allow users to place Joy-Con controllers into them. They appear like the gear used in these real-world activities; however, switching these accessories between games is tiresome, and they block certain buttons and functions on the Joy-Cons.
Hori Headphones
Designed for voice chat, the "Splatoon 2" Hori Headphones have to be connected via wires to the Nintendo Switch and a mobile device to work. This effectively tethers it to two different systems at the same time, making it more inconvenient to use than just a smartphone or a generic Bluetooth headset — plus, the instructions for linking everything together are confusing.
Dust Covers
Covering a console with cloth can keep away dust when it is not being used; however, once the console is turned on and in use, the cover needs to be removed. Warning messages for dust covers say that they should not be put on the Nintendo Switch while someone is playing it, because the dust cover might prevent ventilation and could cause the console to overheat.
Wired Keyboards
The Switch Armor3 NuType Wired Keyboard is a USB keyboard that gives users the ability to play games while typing messages. However, very few games support text-enabled chat in multiplayer modes and the USB necessity negates the wireless capability of Joy-Cons. Amazon reviews also suggest connectivity issues, including keys not registering in games.
Game Storage
The FYOUNG Game Storage Card Holder attaches to the back of the Nintendo Switch docking station, and it’s designed to store more than two dozen games. However, the cartridges are exposed in this accessory and can easily fall out if the dock is knocked over or moved — plus, the case slopes in such a way that only the games at the front can actually be seen.