Adelaide, Australia - October 27, 2014: A studio shot of a Nintendo Game Boy Colour. A popular handheld video game device which has sold over 100 million units worldwide.
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Nintendo Worked On A Touchscreen For The Game Boy Color That Was Never Released
Through the GDC Vault catalog, viewers can watch archived Game Developers Conference speeches from years ago. In one of these decade-old speeches, Nintendo hardware designer Masato Kuwahara educates the audience about the inspirations for the Nintendo DSi, revealing a concept for a Game Boy Color with a touchscreen.
In his 2009 keynote speech, Kuwahara shows an image of a Game Boy Advance SP hooked up to a touch panel prototype and explains that it would be able to display color; however, the concept was not well received. Kuwahara cites the lack of a backlight for its initial rejection, explaining, "I think it's because the screen is dark and it's a little difficult to play."
Following the release of the Game Boy Advance SP in 2003, Kuwahara was asked to show his idea to a product panel. It was received positively by the panel, but still "did not lead to commercialization" at that time. The idea of incorporating a touch panel into a Nintendo console remained in the memory, with the Nintendo DS entering development in 2004.