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Overpowered Scarlet And Violet Pokemon That Got The Ban Hammer
Popular online Pokémon forum Smogon University — which is used for competitive networking — has already banned new Pokémon introduced in "Pokémon Scarlet'' and "Violet." Smogon splits its competitive formats into tiers based on how powerful Pokémon are, with these bans taking effect in the most popular format: OU, or Over-Used.
The first set of bans were for the Ghost/Fairy-type Flutter Mane and the Ghost-type Houndstone. The former was banned for having high attack and speed stats, while the latter for being the only Pokémon that can use Last Respects — a powerful move that increases in power for each friendly fainted Pokémon, allowing Houndstone to sweep whole teams.
The second set of bans were for Palafin and Iron Bundle. Palafin was banned because its Hero form has extremely high stats that trump most other Pokémon, and Iron Bundle — the Paradox Pokémon version of Delibird — has offensive capabilities deemed too difficult to defend against, resulting in its ban.