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Overwatch 2: Everything We Know About Rammatra
Blizzard announced the new hero for Overwatch 2’s Season Two at the Overwatch League Grand Finals, inspiring excitement for a new tank. Enter Rammatra, the omnic monk tank with similar ideals and training as Zenyatta, but tainted by the woes of reality and only focused on helping omnics. What follows are more details about Rammatra’s skills and history.
Rammatra can change forms, with his regular form including a Barrier Shield and a staff that deals ranged damage. When he transforms, he gets larger and can use a powerful punching ability that can possibly break other shields. Rammatra also studied how to live peacefully with humans; however, that led to death and destruction for the omnics at the hands of said humans.
After the destruction that humans brought to his people, Rammatra is fighting to find a place for the omnics that doesn't include humans and he's willing to do anything to see that vision come to light. Season Two is set to start on December 6, 2022, and Rammatra will be added to the game then. Per The Omnic Post, Rammatra will be available at tier 55 of the battle pass.