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Overwatch 2 Has Plans to Fix One of Fans’ Biggest Concerns
Fans are busily playing and providing feedback for the latest beta version of “Overwatch 2” before it goes public, and their reactions to the upcoming game range from frustration and disappointment to satisfaction and optimism. The gamers’ biggest concern is over the support class, but Blizzard assures them that it’s both aware of the issue and working on a fix.
Some fans of the original game play support classes exclusively and fear that “Overwatch 2” will feature an underwhelming support character experience. Luckily, devs heard this complaint and promised to issue a patch later in the week. In the meantime, devs shared their long-term plans for support characters, which includes adding exciting new heroes to the game.
More than the proposed future updates, gamers seem to feel reassured by Blizzard’s insistence on open communication between developers and beta testers. This should, in theory, help alleviate some of the fans' worries and make the overall game smoother — and isn’t that the point of beta testing: ensuring the system works before the game is polished and completed?