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Overwatch 2 is Imploding and It's No Secret Why
Right now, the implosion seems to be complete for Blizzard Entertainment’s “Overwatch 2,” as its second beta hovers at a measly 20,000 viewers across all channels. Although the company has tried its best to incentivize prospective buyers to view the game across a multitude of Twitch channels, gamers just don’t seem interested in “Overwatch 2,” a once highly anticipated title.
In the second wave of the beta, Blizzard Entertainment did not provide the same popular Twitch Drops-incentives it did for the first beta, where players could obtain access codes of their own and get in on the fun. Instead, it only offered the beta to those who paid $40 for the Watchpoint Pack, which could explain why the content has experienced relatively average numbers.
Blizzard Entertainment has attempted to once again make players and Twitch viewers interested again by offering players the chance to earn the Legendary Medic skin for in-game character Brigitte by viewing a curated list of over 150 Twitch channels and gifting them subs. However, this led to massive backlash from “Overwatch” fans.