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Overwatch 2's Dr Disrespect Tweet Has Fans Begging For Skins
Popular streamer Dr Disrespect has dabbled in “Overwatch” previously, and once "Overwatch 2" launched, the gamer gave the series another go. It seems the team over at Blizzard has taken notice of Doc's return, as the "Overwatch" Twitter account sent out a hilarious Tweet that had fans clamoring for a Dr Disrespect "Overwatch 2" skin.
On November 2, 2022, the "Overwatch" team tweeted, "@DrDisrespect Glad you're having fun with #Overwatch2." Accompanying the Tweet was a hilarious mockup of a Dr Disrespect "Overwatch" hero with four overpowered abilities, but scrolling through the Twitter replies, it has become evident that fans aren't satisfied with just a mock-up — they want the real thing.
Fans expressed that they wanted an actual Dr Disrespect skin in the game – with some even speculating that the Tweet offered a teaser for an upcoming Dr Disrespect skin in "Overwatch 2." Dr Disrespect has gotten his very own skin in games like "Rogue Company'' and "NBA 2k23," so there's always a chance that he may be playable in "Overwatch 2" in the future.