10 years old boy with curly hair wearing Virtual Reality Simulator. Vertical shot
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People Who Got Seriously Hurt Playing VR Games
Jeffrey Grubb
While livestreaming his VR gameplay, YouTuber Jeffrey Grubb didn't make quite enough open space in his room. Although he moved his large furniture out of the way, Grubb forgot about his coffee table, slammed his hand through it, and got a nasty chunk taken out of his skin.
Dad And Son
When a dad let his son play Minecraft in VR, he was on guard, ensuring the boy didn't run into any furniture. However, when skeletons attacked and the kid tried to run straight into a couch, the dad turned him in the opposite direction, sending him straight into the TV stand.
Horror Gamer
One gamer attempted to run from the enemies in the terrifying horror game “The Brookhaven Experiment” and ended up running straight into a computer tower. She wasn't deterred though, as she simply curled into a fetal position and continued to scream.
Office Gamer
While working at an office, one woman smacked her boss right in the head with a VR controller while wearing a VR headset. When the solid thud of that thick plastic hitting her boss' head rang out, she must have regretted her decision to ignore the special alerts the game provides.
Jurassic Gamer
One player decided to put scientific theories to the test by standing still as a dinosaur from “Jurassic Park” looked around for her. Her tactic almost worked until the T-Rex took a few steps toward her, and forgetting she was in virtual reality, the girl panicked and ran into a nearby wall.