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Pokemon Fans Baffled by Nintendo's Latest Takedown
Over the years, Nintendo has made it exceedingly hard to find soundtracks for its older titles, but the company's latest move with its music library has seriously confused "Pokémon" fans. As of May 31, 2022, The Pokémon Company has announced, fans can no longer download the music and effects tracks for the fourth-generation of "Pokémon" games.
Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have so far remained silent about why they chose to discontinue the service, much to the disappointment and bewilderment of fans on Twitter. In light of the service being available for less than three months, it’s even more frustrating to see the official library closing already.
Commenters responded with a mix of disappointment and head-scratching, with some Twitter users suggesting the company could easily make money supporting music download sites and official CDs or vinyl for older game soundtracks. Other users concurred, with one fan pointing to their Spotify playlists with a host of music from other video game developers.
Fans have already called out "Pokémon" devs this year for decisions they deemed questionable — for instance, in March, frustration erupted around restrictions at a Game Freak event. Perhaps Game Freak or Nintendo always meant for the Sound Library to be a limited-time service, or perhaps the rights-holders failed to see real value in keeping the website up.