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Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Glitches That Actually Help You
“Pokémon Scarlet” and “Violet” introduced the picnic mechanic to the series, allowing trainers to set up a picnic for their Pokémon to hang out at. It has another use, though: If players deploy a picnic table above a sparkling item, they will find that the item will show up in the picnic basket — not only that, but it will continue to respawn indefinitely as long as the picnic is set up.
Those who still own a cloned Koraidon or Miraidon from a glitch that was fixed in the game’s first patch can still perform a similar item duplication glitch. It’s done by having either Pokémon hold an item, putting them in the party from the box, transforming them into ride mode, then putting them back into the box, and finally, one of the boxes will contain a cloned legendary with the item.
Under normal circumstances, players are required to go through the academy before getting access to the rest of Paldea, but Reddit user GalaxyHunter17 managed to bypass it completely. By hugging a cliff on Area 4, they were able to target a Pokémon that was beyond the school and initiate a battle, which teleported them past the school and into the open world.