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Pokémon Clones That Are Actually Great
This Pokémon clone combines two genres — monster catcher and MMO — to create a familiar yet distinct experience, where instead of training Pokémon, players tame Temtem scattered across half a dozen islands. With seasonal battle passes and a wealth of end-game content, this is for gamers who want a more challenging and social monster-battling experience.
Fans of the “Pokémon” entries released for the Game Boy Advance will find a lot to like in “Coromon,” as it combines recognizable plot and gameplay elements with an appealing lineup of creatures to catch. Predictable story beats and a tedious grind in the early stages tarnish its luster, but it still has a lot to offer those looking for a more traditional “Pokémon” clone.
Disc Creatures
Eschewing the 1v1 format for a 3v3 approach to battles, “Disc Creatures” places a greater emphasis on team composition, as players also need to plan their strategy around charging up energy bars. However, the game still bears the hallmarks of a “Pokémon” clone, including type vulnerabilities, status effects, and a nostalgic presentation to tie it all together.
“Ooblets” combines the monster catcher and farming simulator genres in one adorable package that centers on a customizable character helping fellow inhabitants of Badgetown. Players grow their Ooblets on a farm, and instead of traditional battles, Ooblets progress through a series of dance-offs that unfold using card-based mechanics.