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Popular Streamers Who Still Haven't Revealed Their Faces
Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband has been able to make a successful career for himself without ever showing his face. Instead, what viewers have to cling to are a variety of masked avatars — many of which he's shown off on Instagram — and an instantly recognizable voice that manages to be soothing even when he's reciting horrific tales.
SwaggerSouls started his YouTube channel in 2015, and since then, he's expanded to Twitch and picked up roughly 5 million fans. For the most part, SwaggerSouls plays games, but whenever he does appear on camera, fans are greeted by an ornate knight helmet that he says he wears "at all times for [his] personal safety."
Memeulous is a content creator, who opted to use a bandana, baseball cap, and a dark pair of glasses to keep his real face off camera. Since starting his Youtube channel in 2014, he has racked up over a billion views without ever showing his face, except for a video titled "THE BIG REVEAL," where he dropped his shades long enough to give his viewers a wink.
Code Bullet
Millions of subscribers tune into Code Bullet's YouTube channel to watch gameplay videos, which are played by AIs that he made himself. His videos are equal parts entertaining and informative, and the combination has worked so well that he's gained nearly 3 million subscribers in just a handful of years — all while only ever showing a cartoon avatar.
Wadu streams without a camera, but he's still managed to gain hundreds of thousands of followers through his early FPS gaming content and music remixes. The first video Wadu ever uploaded to YouTube was a new take on "Gucci Gang," and he's come back with similarly hilarious takes on popular songs more than a few times over the years.