Leon in Resident Evil 4
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Resident Evil 4 Remake's Mid-credits Scene Hints At The Series' Future
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for “Resident Evil 4.”
“Resident Evil 4” is a masterpiece of a remake, revamping the classic original game and adding a few new wrinkles to the mythology that are sure to excite fans. One of the game's biggest surprises arrives as a mid-credits scene after completion of the campaign. Not only does this sequence act as a fun callback for fans, but it also hints at where the series may be headed next.
In the scene, Ada Wong contacts her employer, rogue Umbrella scientist Albert Wesker, and asks the supervillain what he plans to do with the deadly specimen sample she's bringing to him. When Ada learns that Wesker plans to murder billions of people, she pulls a gun on her helicopter pilot, demands he take her elsewhere. and then flies off to an unknown future.
The scene may be teasing the remake’s spin on “Separate Ways,” as dataminers have found evidence to suggest that “Separate Ways” might be added as DLC. The scene may also hint that a “Resident Evil 5” remake is likely, as Wesker is seen reviewing files pertaining to Excella Gionne and TRICELL, Inc., both of which figure heavily into the plot of “Resident Evil 5.”