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Rockstar Leak Has GTA Fans Seeing Red
On May 16, games journalist Tom Henderson tweeted an image of what appears to be a screenshot of Take-Two's internal release schedule, showing the company's planned launches from 2023 to 2025. The related column lists several titles, including "Kerbal Space Program 2" and "NBA 2K23,” but much to gamers' dissatisfaction, "GTA 6" was nowhere to be found on the list.
Users were unsurprisingly angry and vented their frustration in the replies. Additionally, some expressed their frustration that a "GTA" mobile port made it onto the list when the new sequel did not.
However, not all hope is lost, as the document did suggest that more titles could be added in the future. Additionally, a different Take-Two leak listed “Grand Theft Auto 6” as a late 2024 release.