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RPGs You Should Never Play Around Your Partner
“HuniePop” is a game of seduction, in which you assume the role of an unnamed protagonist aided by a lingerie-clad Love Fairy to gain the affection of up to eight girls wearing outfits you’d find in a fetish shop. Significant others may take exception to you dating 2D women.
Kindergarten 2
“Kindergarten 2” is a follow up to the 2017 adventure game, where the player is a kid in a kindergarten from hell, complete with blood, guts, cruelty to cats, and murderous children and staff. This is probably a title best played on your own, out of sight from both kids and life partners with whom you may have children.
Super Seducer
“Super Seducer 2 – Advanced Seduction Tactics” claims to put you into realistic simulations of real life encounters with women, allowing you to try to charm them, but the game is riddled with sexist assumptions and racist stereotypes. There's really no situation in a “Super Seducer” game that a sane significant other would approve of — or a sane person of any kind.
HunieCam Studio
HunieCam Studio is a management/business tycoon game, where the player manages a sleazy cam girl operation and hands out cocaine and sex toys all in the name of making money. One look at this game's trailer and you'll know it's best if no one knows about your, ahem, “virtual side business.”
Chinese Parents
Play “Chinese Parents” alone before playing in front of your significant other because you might be surprised what kind of parent you turn out to be. As you assume the ultimate helicopter parent, micromanaging every single aspect of your child's life, the game could dangerously reveal exactly what kind of parent you would be.