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Secrets The Streamer Industry Couldn't Hide Forever
Not Profitable
Only the top 0.015% of Twitch streamers earn the median US income. The numbers aren't good enough for streaming to be considered a reliable career path, and the vast majority of individuals who are “in the streaming industry” don't earn any money at all from the work that they do.
Twitch suffered a massive leak that gave hackers access to streamer’s contracts, revealing some of the top streamers were making millions from Twitch, and most were giving Twitch 50% of what they made. That leak might have compelled Twitch to adjust its contracts and become more transparent with its streamer deals.
Crypto Scams
Ice Poseidon created CxCoin and convinced his fans to buy in, promising that he had long-term plans for the project; instead, he took their money and ran in a $500,000 crypto scheme. FaZe Clan had to take serious action after several of its members promoted a new crypto coin that only existed to take money from viewers.
Adin Ross accidentally opened a Discord conversation between himself and a gambling sponsor live on stream, revealing he was making roughly $4 million a month from a sponsorship deal. OTK member Tectone accidentally let an email notification show up on stream, revealing he'd been paid $35,000 to host a “Lost Ark” sponsored stream.
Renting Clothes
According to Pokimane, plenty of influencers rent their clothes — they get the clothes that they need for photo shoots and pay less than retail price because when they're done wearing them, they send them back. Pokimane said this industry secret is problematic because aspiring influencers think they need to go out and buy expensive clothes.