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Skyrim Mods That Completely Change the Game
Katamari Dovahkiin
“Katamari Dovahkiin” combines the unlikely pairing of “Skyrim” and “Katamari Damacy,” the game where you roll up everything in the universe in order to rebuild it. In “Skyrim,” though, “Katamari Dovahkiin” gives the protagonist the ability to suck up all nearby characters underneath their feet, with results that range from humorous to downright frightening.
“Dragonborn in Termina” is a mod that brings the entirety of the land from “The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask” into “Skyrim,” including Clock Town, Great Bay Coast, Goron Village, and many more locations. This mod also introduces the famous Moon from “Majora's Mask” into Skyrim's night sky, the perfect motivation for wrapping up the main story quickly.
“Enderal” is less of a mod and more of a new game that happens to use “Skyrim’s” engine as it has its own world, lore, characters, combat, classes, enemies, and pretty much everything else. The mod is also much harder than “Skyrim,” doing away with fast travel and only allowing waiting in beds, making it a much different experience.
“Beyond Skyrim: Bruma” is a total conversion mod that allows the player to travel to Bruma and other areas just south of the border of Skyrim. The mod includes many new locations, items, quests, and over 70 new, full voice-acted characters — all adding up to be an even bigger addition to “Skyrim” than its own DLC “Dragonborn.”
“Vigilant” is for those who want to transform “Skyrim” into a darker experience more akin to “Dark Souls.” The mod features a new questline relating to the Vigilants of Stendarr, which is packed with a dark atmosphere, difficult bosses, new items, and some genuine horror moments which all provide a grittier “Skyrim” experience.