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Small Details Only Hardcore Fans Notice In The Death Stranding 2 Trailer
Easter Eggs
An Easter egg tied to the first game is a small cart with moving dolphins with a sticker that says "BRIDGES." Another is the matching toy block for the crab cut out that’s red, which is a color that may be significant. A height chart also marks how much Louise has grown, and the handprints marking Louise's height are reminiscent of the markings BTs would create.
Instead of appearing wrinkled and gray, Fragile's arms match her youthful face, which might mean that a cure or treatment has been found for her aging condition. A BB tank from the first game appears and it’s filled with cryptobiotes, which protect against Tiimefall and might mean Fragile has a way of keeping her entire body young by boosting their effects.
Louise’s Wings
The baby that Fragile holds has a pair of white angel wings attached to its outfit, which may reference the effect that the afterlife and death has had on this world. It seems more likely that the wings acknowledge the ordeal Louise went through at the end of the first game. If so, then Fragile may be helping Sam raise Louise while they are living together.
As Fragile holds the baby with wings, the camera shows a dreamcatcher hanging in the room — the very same dreamcatcher that Sam carried throughout his journey. Its appearance suggests that Sam may be living with Fragile and Louise. Fragile also seems unsurprised by the home invasion, so she and Sam may be on the run together.
Running Deliveries
The building where Fragile and Louise reside seems to be an old delivery outpost. When the building is breached, Fragile takes Louise and makes her escape through one of the freight elevators used to move supplies in the first game. If Fragile and Sam have started a new delivery company, it might become one of the major factions vying for power.